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俄罗斯美女士,31岁,属兔子,身高 162,未婚,没有孩子,天然金发碧眼,某公司经理,经济专业,喜欢散步,手艺,做衣服,绣针,看电影,希望见到好男人结婚! 非常好姑娘,忠诚,体贴,贤惠,有素质,内外漂亮!未来的幸运者幸福的男人会是您吗?

Russian lady, 31 years old, was born in the year of the rabbit, height 162, single no children, natural beauty blue eyes and blonde hair ! Works as an office manage, majored in economics, likes handcrafts, making clothes, watch movies, hopes to meet reliable man to get married. Very nice girl! faithful, caring, beautiful inside and outside. Her future husband lucky man could be you?

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